Character stein of barbells


Character stein of barbells


This stein and its inscriptions reinforce the connections among physical fitness, strength, and—of course—drinking. On this particular stein, the inscriptions extol the virtues of physical fitness, an idea underscored by the relief images of barbells to construct it. This item is yet another example of a character stein, because its body, lid, handle, and mountings combine to form a figure, person, or object--in this case, barbells.



Original Format


Physical Dimensions

9.5 inches tall




The inscription around the lid reads as follows: "Kuhn, kernig, kraftvoll, kunstvoll." This roughly translates as "Bold, pithy, powerfully, artfully." The inscription on the stein and base read: "kraft heil! Im Herzen den Mut im Arme die Kraft, im Humpen den edlen Gerstensaft. This roughly translates as "By virtual of good health! In the heart of courage, in the arms the force, in the noble beer stein." The stein itself was manufactured by Steinzeugwerke, which consolidated several factories and workshops and was in business for only 13 years, from 1912-1925.

Volume of item (in liters)

.5 liter