Etched stein with 4F symbol and gymnast


Etched stein with 4F symbol and gymnast


This stein shows a Turner (gymnast) holding a flag bearing the 4F symbol. Note the barbells and other gymnastic equipment along the bottom, and the inlay lid with the relief image of Father Jahn. It also bears the image of a sword and a torch, which respectively symbolize the political and religious fight for justice and equality, and enlightenment. These symbols indicate the Turners' association with Freethinkers (Friedenker). For more about these symbols, see Annette Hofman's article "From Jahn to Lincoln: Transformation of Turner Symbols in a New Cultural Setting" (The full citation is on the 'Sources' page of this site). This particular stein was made by Johann Wilhelm Remy, a manufacturer who produced steins from the mid-nineteenth century until his death in 1911.



Original Format


Physical Dimensions

8.5 inches tall


etched pottery


The inscription around the lid reads as "Frish, fromm, frohlich, frei," the motto that characterized the Turnvereine movement. The inscription on the stein reads as follows: "Prosit. Die turnerei Schafft Mannes Kraft, Vielmehr Noch Als Der Rebensaft." This translates as "Cheers! Gymnastics gives men more strength than drinking wine."

Volume of item (in liters)

.5 liter