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This stein depicts Frederich Ludwig Jahn (also known as Father Jahn), the founder of the Turnvereine movement in early nineteenth-century Germany. This particular stein is known as a character stein, because its body, lid, handle, and mountings…

This stein, manufactured by Villeroy & Bosch, is one example of a Mettlach that bears many symbols associated with the Turner movement in Germany. The inscription on the lid reads "Kein grossenes Gut, als frohen Muth, which roughly translates as…

This pottery stein bears detailed relief images of gymnasts. The inscription on the bod of the stein reads "Gut Heil! Frisch Fromm Frohlich Frei! Turnerei und Gerstensaft Schaffen echte Manneskraft." The inscription along the bottom reads "Es…

This pottery stein commemorates a 1903 gymnastics festival in Nurnberg (also known as Nuremberg). The inscription on this stein's lid bears the city in which the festival was held, and the inscription on the body of the stein reads as follows: "Gut…

This pokal, or large standing cup, features gymnasts in various scenes. It bears the name of Jean-Baptiste Stahl, a stein artist noted for his use of cameos on steins and pokals. This pokal was manufactured by Villeroy & Boch, a company that made…

This stoneware stein features a gymnast at a pommel horse, and is signed by the artist Franz Ringer.

This stein features the Munich child--also known as the Munich angel--which has been featured on the city of Munich's coat of arms since at least the eighteenth century.

Various gymnastic scenes are pictured on this stein, showing the range of physical activities that young Turners (gymnasts) engaged in. This stein's manufacturer is Dumler and Breiden.

Note the phrase "Frisch, Fromm, Fröhlich Frei" on this stein. This motto was popularized by Father Jahn (also pictured on this stein), who promoted gymnastics in early 19th-century Germany.

Note the gymnastic scenes on this stein, along with an image of Father Jahn. This stein's manufacturer is Reinhold Merkelbach.
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